TANGRAM IoT Solution

The one-stop IoT solution can be easily and quickly deployed to your equipment. Connecting APP with TANGRAM to create extra value by integrating intelligent and high value-added functional products.


SaaS Services

SaaS development services allow IoT hardware and firmware vendors to quickly introduce IoT system and provide customers with a full range of new IoT products including Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Combine IT,OT engineers and telecommunications talents in various fields to create the unique TANGRAM and launch a series of relevant IoT products, hoping to solve the integration issues faced by machine tools used across different fields
TANGRAM is an end-to-end solution
TANGRAM IoT solution provides a common framework with No-Code/Low-Code modularity to assist equipment manufacturers to bulit-in TANGRAM
The last mile supporter For you to implement IoT

Effectively addressing the challenges brought about by digital transformation

Except for the traditional electrical and mechanical integration, equipment manufacturers must have the R&D manpower related to electronic circuits, software engineers, data acquisition and cloud platform construction planning, all of which are difficult thresholds to push.

NETIGATE offers a full range of smart solutions and modularization to create a fast and low-cost IoT ecosystem to solve critical problems.


Complete Infrastructure for IoT Applications

Accumulate IoT functional module development frame, and also possess the TANGRAM IoT Cloud Platform, complete machine Square ONE Platform, Mobile APP, TANGRAM Edge Computing Devices and Spot Sensor. Our All-In-One IoT Solution will quickly integrate into your products and bring more real value to your business.



A subscription-based value-added service platform that associates manufacturers and customers to provide remote maintenance and diagnostic services and solutions, enabling faster transfer of expertise and improving the integration of different levels of industry across fields



Assist in data analysis to seek improvements in product quality control, accuracy, predictive maintenance, life and performance