The whole machine is composed of various components, and build Bottom-up Complete IoT Machine tools IoT Eco-system 

Equipment Manufacturers
Components Manufacturers

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Complete technology domain and development for scaling up, also towards integration with other industrial devices

Retailers, Chain stores
Agriculture and Fisheries
Commercial Equipment
Public Facilities

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Integration of IoT devices with added value 

CNC Machine Tool Factory
System Integrator

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We bring you the latest innovations with the best partners in the industry

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Machine Tool
CNC Machine

One-time solution for communication with multiple component manufacturers and valuable functional modules


Coupled with the IoT remote management system and TANGRAM's app, will be able to instantly monitor machine operation or downtime regardless of time, place, or physical constraints

Domestic、Industrial and Commercial Pump

Intelligent pump monitoring solution can be connected to TANGRAM to collect pump-related data in real time and keep abreast of first-hand news

Motorized Spindle 

Real-time monitoring by feeding first-hand information from the spindle to the tooling machine's upper control system

Angle Head

Add the function of monitoring the status of tool holders online to meet the demand of high reliability in the automatic production line of Industry 4.0

Application of inverter energy-saving hydraulic and water pressures integrated with Industry 4.0

TANGRAM and various suppliers jointly integrate Industry 4.0 big data analysis application to narrow down the problem to a certain machine, a certain component and a certain step, so that maintenance problems can be simplified more intelligently

Cold Chain
Retail& Chain store

The freezers of all major outlets can respond quickly to the loss of temperature within 20 minutes to reduce the damage to frozen products. 

Manufacturing industry
Automation of kitchenware production line  

Through technical experience and sensor information, it can reduce the pressure of personnel inspection and accumulate relevant data for subsequent interpretation and classification.

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