Your Trusted IoT Partner

NETIGATE Co., Ltd was founded on September 06, 2018. It all started with TANGRAM, the alliance of a group of machine tool component manufacturers with the demand for Internet of Things. It is a non-exclusive, open architecture Internet of Things Alliance, a team composed of relevant information and communication technology talents to create the TANGRAM brand. We have launched a series of Internet of Things (IoT) framework, hoping to solve the integration problems at different levels among various fields in the machinery and equipment industry. Therefore, TANGRAM formulated a standardized communication protocol and system architecture, hoping to create shared wealth and contribute to the IoT in Taiwan.


Extensive technology

With the ability to vertically integrate software, hardware, firmware, platforms and apps together with the founder's rich background in the industry for more than 10 years, NETIGATE not only possesses the advantages of independent R&D and customization, but also increases the flexibility of design to enhance added value.

No exclusivity

TANGRAM IoT solution focuses on the establishment of ecological systems. Currently, since the founder's main business is machine-tool-related industry, TANGRAM starts from machine tool ecological system and actively promotes the commercial equipment for household use, cold chain logistics equipment and intelligent agricultural technology to meet the market demand of different applications.

Innovative Thinking

As technology rapidly advances, NETIGATE keeps up with the times to identify the industry’s problems and combine IT+OT solution capabilities to come up with the best solutions.

End to End

Our capabilities of core technology regarding highly integrated hardware and software, including sensors, edge computing devices, APPs, and cloud platforms, with 27 functional modules, make the Internet of Things simpler.



Selected by Chunghwa Telecom 5G Accelerator 

We have already integrated WiFi/BLE/NB-IoT/Cat.M1 and other communication technologies, and will actively work on integrating products and services related to 5G architecture in the future. Therefore, we hope to develop various applications of 5G + Artificial Intelligence IoT with Chunghwa Telecom's 5G Accelerator.


Selected by PwC's Scale-up 

Through the integration of resources with PwC, we are moving towards a new and more scalable operation. We have also completed our Angel Round of fund raising in early 2021.


Smart Factory Open House Day 

Together with a number of vertically integrated solution providers, such as FII, Dingxin and HOLD WELL INDUSTRIAL, we exhibited how to apply the IoT to solve field problems in the real processing areas.


Selected by Microsoft Startup Accelerator 

Partnered with Microsoft's Global Accelerator platform to bring in resources from Microsoft's IoT Innovation Center and its company Azure to help enhance the overall strength of the team.


2019 AMTS 

Collaborate with 22 manufacturers to promote TANGRAM applications and propose AR Maintenance Application Service.


2019 TIMTOS 

Collaborate with 13 manufacturers to promote 18 component-based applications.


Second Alliance
Meeting Members:22 

Develop and test applications for TANGRAM-prototype. The system has three kinds of wireless communication and two kinds of power supply methods. Support more than 13 kinds of sensing data. Also support different host devices including IPC, PLC, mobile phone, server and platform.


First Alliance Meeting

Complete the specification and requirement data collection of the sensor module.
Develop TANGRAM hardware and software format and specification framework.
Implement TANGRAM hardware circuit.


Alliance established

Initiated by Lishuo and HOLD WELL, combining six-component manufacturers, and referring to the model of the German Industry Exhibition Industry-University-Research Association, the TANGRAM IoT architecture was proposed to play a key role in the development of the Internet of Things.